Complete reconstruction of vintage vehicles.

We have in our offer a service of total reconstruction of a car. In order to familiarize you with the whole process we present our recent reconstruction.

Preliminary check of the car

Our model was Volkswagen Golf from 1983. The general condition was very good – the most important was low mileage and the fact that bodywork had little rust raids. During a conversation with the owner we found out that in the whole car only one of the fender was changed. After determined all the information we could start working.

Complete reconstruction of vehicles

The first stage of the work

With the reconstruction of the vehicle it is very important to preserve its unique character. We want to renew it with respect for its history and original appearance. This is why we started with the complete disassembly of the internal components and external accessories. Each item was described in detail and marked. It is hard to believe, but inability to match the disassembled components is one of the most common mistakes when reconstructing the vehicle. We secured and packed all the elements and then moved on.

Restoration of car body and chassis

As we wrote earlier the body was in relatively good condition. This does not mean, however, that we devoted it less attention. On every day basis we work with several companies specialized in particular car services and this time we also decided to use their help. The body was first partially blaster for precise cleaning. Then it was painted. Thanks to the experience of outside company’s employees, the whole process ran flawlessly. Other company took care of chassis. The most important tasks were to secure it, and then the suspension was sanded and


Repair of the engine

If we want a car to serve us as long as possible, we need to properly take care of an engine. As a part of our renovation we conducted a major repair, without the regeneration of the crankshaft, which was not necessary. With this we also used help of our regular cooperators. We outsourced actions like block sanding, painting individual components and final assembly.


Inspection of the electrical installation and other tasks

A comprehensive review of the electrical system was performed in our own workshop. The installation was in good condition and did not require major reconstruction, so we conducted only a few minor repairs.

During the whole process we took upholstery to wash. Our cooperating laundry has never failed us and so it was this time.


After a comprehensive overview and all the necessary repairs time has come for the assembly. This complex task was conducted in our workshop and we confirmed the theory that accurately described and packed parts are the half of the success of montage. At the end we renovated the sunroof and called the owner to appoint the pickup of the car.


We realize how hard it is to find a trusted company to renovate your beloved vehicle. But reliable repair and regeneration are the only way to ensure that car will serve us for years. Based on our experience and passion for the automotive we guarantee you a comprehensive renovation of the entire vehicle, after which it will look and ride just like a brand new one.


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