Wiring harnesses for a vintage car

We build and repair electrical harnesses for vintage and sports cars.

Electric harnesses for vintage cars (until 1990)

We provide complete wiring harnesses and electrical installations for vintage cars. We make bundles based on the old installation. We use cables with the same cross-section as in the original installation, we do not change the color of the cables, the length of the bundle fragments is always a few centimeters longer than the original. In the case of non-standard colors, we mark them using our proprietary identification system. If the connectors are typical, we always replace them with new ones. We leave atypical connectors when they are in good condition or, if necessary, install new ones. When making a beam, we can add or (.....)

Electric harnesses for classic cars

Electric harnesses for sports cars

We make harnesses and entire electrical installations for sports and rally cars based on customer expectations and the location of receivers in the car. We provide complete electrical installations for sports and rally cars. Depending on the needs, we modify the factory harness or make a completely new harness designed for a specific car. We are making big changes to installations for sports vehicles (.....). During the construction of a wiring harness, we most often perform: transfer of fuses and relays to the cabin and grouping them in an easily accessible place; adding circuits to the necessary additional equipment: lighting, additional fuel pumps, powering tripmeters, pilot lamps, etc .; increasing the functionality of service by duplicating selected switches: wipers, washer, etc .; introduction of a power switch. Implementation of the installation consists of: determining the scope of work; preparation of documentation and diagrams, (.....).

         Electric harnesses for sports cars 

Not only electric harnesses !!

Electric power steering for vintage cars

We install electric assistants to vintage cars so that you will like driving a classic car even more.

The power steering system we offer is designed in such a way that it does not affect the car's structure in any way. For a specific model, we install a set that fits 100% in the factory holes of the set. The entire system is hidden under the dashboard. Also, no changes can be seen under the hood. The approved controller corresponds to your comfort and precision of driving. It can be equipped with all the amenities you will find in modern cars. The electric support system is completely maintenance-free, does not make noise, nothing drips from it and nothing needs to be added. Our systems are completely safe, tested and approved in international institutions. These are not "garage conversions". We offer sets of the Dutch company EZ electronic power steering in Poland. The kits are excellent and cost a lot, but safety is paramount. (.....). (.....).

Electric power steering for a vintage car


Occasionally, we undertake complete vehicle reconstruction. We do not have our own paint shop, sandblasting, etc., but we can do all these activities "at the neighbors' site." Our scope always includes disassembling the car, paying attention to details, interior, electrical installation and final assembly of the car. The customer picks up the car from us, ready for driving after a technical inspection (.....).

Complete reconstruction of vintage and classic cars

About Autoclassiwiring.com

Autoclassicwiring is a brand of a company specializing in atypical electric repairs of vintage cars, in particular their electrical installations. Although we are electronics by profession, we have been dealing with cars for 20 years. It is with great pleasure that we take up the challenges of building a completely new or unusual electrical installation, and then we observe the effects of our work on an ongoing basis during exhibitions or sports competitions. We repair speedometers, wiper motors, ignition switches, fans and other car equipment. We carry out all repairs with integrity based on an accurate diagnosis. We also undertake repairs and corrections that other workshops have found impossible.

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